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When developing our deconex® cleaning products and disinfectants, thorough testing of performance, efficiency and material compatibility are our top priority. To ensure our products are ready to market, we work in close cooperation with recognised test laboratories and with manufacturers of medical products. External tests are supplemented with in-house test methods.

You can thus rely on products that are based on experimental evidence, ensuring the confidence and reliability needed for every application.

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deconex® FOAM ACTIVE

Mildly alkaline-enzymatic pre-cleaning foam
For pretreatment of surgical instruments

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Manual reprocessing


Although automated processes have already become established in practice in many countries, the use of manual products cannot be dispensed with: for example, operating theatre instruments are now protected from corrosion and pre-cleaned using foam products prior to long periods of storage. Endoscopes are always subjected to coarse and brush cleaning with appropriate manual products. However, the manual final disinfection of non-critical medical devices or the use of cleansing disinfectants is also standard in many areas.

However you clean manually: the products in our deconex® range comply with the latest scientific findings as well as legal requirements and standards.

Instruments are cleaned manually with deconex FOAM ACTIVE
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Endoscope in the hand


Flexible endoscopes are among the medical devices that have been shown to be most likely to be contaminated with impurities and micro-organisms. Cleaning is therefore a crucial factor in the entire treatment cycle, especially the efficient removal of biofilms.

Our enzymatic detergents and disinfectants dissolve and remove not only blood but also impurities such as fats and carbohydrates. The formulations are tested according to the latest standards such as DIN EN ISO 17111. This ensures maximum safety for patients and staff.

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Here you will find brochures, safety data sheets as well as user information on the products and services we offer for manual reprocessing.

Instruments are sprayed with deconex FOAM PLUS Instruments are sprayed with deconex FOAM PLUS
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Automatic reprocessing


Automated instrument reprocessing has become more and more demanding in recent years. Complex instruments, sometimes made of a mix of materials, a wide variety of contaminants and long service lives demand reprocessing products with the highest standards.

Whichever products from our full range you use: our cleaners, neutralisers, rinse aids, disinfectants and care products deliver hygienic safety, material compatibility, economy and sustainability. From these first-class products, we develop automated treatment processes for you that are 100% tailored to your needs:

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Endoscope is reprocessed by machine


The reprocessing of flexible endoscopes is a particular challenge due to their construction and contamination by impurities and micro-organisms. After manual cleaning, automated processes should be preferred.

In addition to high material compatibility, our deconex® cleaners and disinfectants deliver certified, comprehensive effectiveness according to DIN EN ISO 15883-4. In this way, patients, users and third parties are comprehensively protected.

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Bedpans and urine bottles are non-critical or semi-critical medical devices. The gold standard of reprocessing is thermal processes, which are subject to the normative requirements of DIN EN ISO 15883-3. Depending on the type of appliance, limescale inhibitors/rinse aids as well as an additional cleaner must be used for reprocessing and value conservation.

Our products offer you a variety of benefits: from proven cleaning power, rinsing power and descaling power to excellent material compatibility.

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Beds / containers

One trend in the reprocessing of bed frames is the use in decontamination systems, which can also be used for transport trolleys, containers, operating tables and furniture as well as operating theatre shoes.

Our cleaners are specially designed for thermolabile products with a lot of electronics, such as bedsteads. They have a high level of material compatibility and effectiveness.

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Here you will find brochures, safety data sheets and user information on the products and services we offer for automated reprocessing.

Instruments were sprayed with deconex FOAM ACTIVE Instruments were sprayed with deconex FOAM ACTIVE
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Chemistry delivery systems

Our chemistry delivery systems provide a reliable supply for machine-integrated dosing devices in washer-disinfectors (RDG/RDG-E).

Rely on the experience of our technical experts when planning and implementing a new chemistry delivery system tailored to your needs.

Concentrate conveyor system
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Dosing device

Dosing devices

Our dosing devices enable the withdrawal of precisely dosed working solutions of instrument and surface products. The robust and compact design guarantees trouble-free use in numerous areas. The devices also meet the requirements of the Robert Koch Institute and the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention and have been type-tested by an external certified aggregated laboratory.

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Our services

Support from A to Z: in addition to an extensive range of manual and automated deconex® products for instrument reprocessing, we also offer our customers a wide range of services - from status quo analysis to derouging and training.

Status quo analysis

If processes are not running as they should, or cleaning results are below expectations, it can be beneficial to determine a comprehensive baseline situation.We offer this service for the entire instrument cycle, including a presentation of the results at your site.

Process development and process optimisation

Laws, standards and guidelines demand validated processes. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are ideal.We are your partner when it comes to optimising process factors. Our technical team can help you improve cleaning performance and material compatibility and reduce process costs.

Basic cleaning / Troubleshooting

Coatings and stains on instruments are not always a hygiene problem, but they make it difficult to judge whether they are clean or not. So it is an advantage to remove existing discolourations and stains with special products and processes. This option is not only available for surgical instruments, but can also be used for WDs and E-WDs.


Autoclaves heavily contaminated with rouge carry the risk that, during the harsh conditions of sterilisation (vacuum, overpressure, steam-saturated atmosphere), the reddish-brown discolouration is transferred to the medical devices being sterilised. With the help of a special pH-neutral patented process, the coatings can be removed safely - and almost without interfering with the operation in the central sterilisation department.
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Training courses & seminars

We pass on our knowledge to you: In the training courses and seminars of the Borer Cleaning Academy, we bring your know-how regarding the reprocessing of medical devices up to date. Our practice-oriented courses are held in the Borer Competence Center with integrated technical center. The aim is to actively support you in achieving best-in-class reprocessing of medical devices.

Do you have any questions about our products and services? Contact us!

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